Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CLIP....hmm... that's Seems Pretty Intresing...Let's check it out...

“Organizing one’s own self “has been always my area of interest .Because I strongly believe that if you’re not organized you cannot organize others. And without organizing other, you cannot develop them. And without developing them you cannot achieve your Common goals. During my MBA we have been taught this by Ms. Nina Muncherji very well. Even I tried to apply it at certain levels too. She illustrated this by one excellent movie ," The Unorganized Manager" (Thank you much My friend Bhavin for recalling me the movie name) . As I’m continuous Lerner, I always keep on finding such workshops on soft skills for my personal & professional development.

Just few days back as a part of my networking activity for my Export biz, I got a chance to meet a Ms. Shan Cade, from South Africa, who is Internationally renowned Facilitator, Organiser, Trainer, Author, Methodology Consultant, Mentor, Coach, Assessor, Virtual assistant, Systems Consultant, Office Systems specialist, Work Flow Management, Generalist, Risk Assessor and The Terminator … of bad admin habits. By profession she's freight forwarder and by passion she's an author, a mentor, a coach. During our conversations I came to know about the "CLIP" System developed by her for improved productivity at your work place in projects of any size from Giant Turn-key projects to small projects like organizing hi-tea party of business associates. Even one can apply this at Home for completing their children’s projects, Home renovation projects to small garden party at your place. It’s an amazing tool rather I’d say “Ready Reckoner" which drastically improve your productivity. Shan illustrate me some of the industry example too, which I’d like to share in video format very soon.

In Shân’s Word:
“Shân’s CLIP system (Check Lists for Improved Productivity) is a training system offering a Check List Methodology that revolutionizes company’s turnaround and productivity. It assists all individuals on all levels to control their job on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, and seeks ways to use whatever the “tools” are available, and make them work for both the individual and the company. “

After learning all this, one idea strikes to mind. Why can't we bring this system to INDIA? There MAY BE some other proprietary system exist in INDIA to improve productivity, frankly speaking I'm not aware of them. But I’m sure this is worth IMPORTING. And finally I have decided to launch its 1st ever workshop in Ahmadabad. Currently we are working on different aspects of the event such as venue, sponsors, caterers, printed material, ect.

I know there are so many Corporates , SMEs who have their top-notch Project managers working on Complex projects in MATRIX organisations ,which needs to be deal with all precision in TIME, COST & HUMAN CAPITAL .I think this is Best suited for them. It's best for College Students who has to work on different projects in different subject in very specific time limits. It's best for parents who need to keep pace wiht their HYPER child by being with them in School Projects. It's Best for the GNE-X lady, as they need to organize parties frequently as part of Social Networking. It's best for any Entrepreneur who wants to KICK-START their new Ventures. It's best for the Managers Who need to "GET THE THINGS DONE BY ANOTHER". It's best for CEO's who needs to work on different strategies toward the achievement of their companies VISION. In short, it's Best for all those who believes in "KARMA".

I wish, I can contribute something to growth of the Ahmadabad and Finally of GUJARAT by introducing this workshop very soon to my Amdavadi fellows . Because, Ultimately, It's all about Improving Productivity.

Interested people can approach me on ashishbabaria@gmail.com.

Will be looking forward to valuable feedback.

---------------------------Date : 30/01/2012 MONDAY

Just last week SHAN send me an link to CLIP introduction video.

I sure it will help you understand the CLIP more.

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